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ULL Volunteering FAQs

Q: How many HOURS do I need to volunteer?
A: One Child: 8 hours
Two Children: 12 hours
Three or more Children: 16 hours

Here’s another way to look at it:

One player: 8 hours OR 
One Staff position (Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator)
Team Manager

Two players: 12 hours OR
Two Staff positions (Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator)
One Staff Position + 2 SHIFTS/4 hours
Team Manager 

Three players: 16 hours OR
Three Staff Positions (Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator)
Two Staff positions (Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator) + 4 hours
One Staff Position + 8 hours
Team Manager

Q: Where do I find these hours or shifts?
A: Verification Night, Evaluation Day, Clean-up Day, Field Maintenance Work, Snack Shack, Family Fun Day, Umpiring.
All shifts/hours will be available and tracked via your family page at - to be set up once the season begins.

Q: Why do I need to volunteer and work shifts? 
A: Union Little League is a volunteer organization. All of our members are asked to give their time to help the league run effectively.

Q: I help during my child’s game, does that count towards my volunteer SHIFTS?
A: No, time given to your child’s team, outside of a team position, does not count toward league volunteer hours.  

Q: Can I share the TEAM COORDINATOR or SCOREKEEPER position with someone? 
A: Yes, but you both will be responsible for an additional half of the required shifts/hours. 

Q: Can a group of us share the SCORE KEEPER position?
A: No.

Q: I am managing a team, does this mean I am finished with my volunteer requirement?
A: Yes

Q: I am Managing a team, can my spouse be my Team Coordinator?
A: Yes, however we prefer not. Please allow positions to be available to families who may desire to fill them especially if you have only one child participating in the league. 

Q: I filled in for scorekeeping during my kid’s game, does that count towards my volunteer hours? 
A: There will be many times throughout the season where you may be asked to help out your team for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, we are not able to break up the scorekeeping job into shifts and will not credit hours per game.

Q: What is the difference between volunteering to help set up the field, coaching 3rd base during a game, or filling in to keep score and volunteering for the league?
A:There will be many times your team will need assistance that benefits your team. The league as a whole relies on volunteers for our operational functioning. 

Q: Can I work shifts on behalf of another family?
A: Absolutely! Please communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator AHEAD OF THE SHIFT so we may note the change. **If you ask to send your extra hours after you have worked the shift or at the end of the season, this will not be granted. 

Join the Board! All of your volunteering hours will be covered, regardless of the number of children you have playing in the league! You are asked to attend the monthly meetings and fill in when league volunteers leave vacancies. You will likely still volunteer, but your hours are not tracked.

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