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2023 All Star Rosters






Burtz, Samuel

Angelo, Lucas

Engin, Bryson

Bernard, Adriel


Darnall, Nick

Chuang, Corey

Greenwood, Landon

Brittain, Adam


Dunn, Ethan

Compani, Caiden

Hafner, Parke

Connell, Logan


Eager, Trey

Fogle, Nathan

Hayes, Connor

Duncan, Johnny


Hayes, Collin

Ghanati, Davin

Kurosaki, Keiden

Fogle, Luke


Hoehne, Miles

Gordon, Zachary

Lisowski, Mason

Jobe, Parker


Kimbrel, Desi

Hardin, Jacob

Moyle, Ryland

Obenour, Owin


Lord, Andrew

Lueck, Sam

Oh, Christian

Padia, Austen


Palma, Michaela

Ralls, William

Oshidari, Bryson

Phillips, Logan


Vezina, Hunter

Sunalp, Jonathan

Pardini, Luke

Tangney, Luke


Woo, Winson

Tollenaar, Carson

Soetaert, Joel

Van Dalen, Marcello


Wright, Hudson

Tollenaar, Hudson

Tiglao, Oliver

Zanger, Grayson




Kimbrel, Jesse

Fogle, Adam

Oshidari, Jon

Padia, Kyle



Hoehne, Mark

Chuang, Gee

Hafner, Ben

Obenour, Mark



Vezina, Jeremy

Tollenaar, Brent

Engin, Timur

Duncan, Morgan


All Star Commitment

Being selected to an all-star team is an honor, and with that honor comes a commitment to fellow teammates and coaches. Practice is an important element of this endeavor, and in order to prepare the team for games, players must practice together. Parents and players need to understand and agree to the time commitment of being an all-star. And every all-star team candidate MUST meet the following availability criteria, or they may not be allowed to participate on a District 12 all-star team. Each player selected for an all-star team MUST be available to practice (typically every day) within the practice and game time frame of the tournament(s). The manager will determine the dates and times of practices. Parents are also REQUIRED to participate by volunteering during the tournament season. Assignments will be made by the league. The tournaments dates are listed below.

Players for each team must be available for as long as their tournament team is involved. If the team wins at district, they advance to sectionals, etc. Availability means attendance at all games and practices. Missed practices need to be approved by the team manager. If a player continuously misses practices or games, the Manager may disqualify the player from the team, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Manager and/or Board of Directors reserve the right to consider extenuating circumstances as they relate to missing practices or games. If selected, you will need to provide to the league in a timely manner the following documentation:

● Original Birth Certificate (not a copy; not an Abstract of Birth)
● Tournament Player Verification Form
● At least 3 proofs of residency, from 3 different categories, dated, or in force between February 1, 2022 (previous year) and February 1, 2023 (current year). Or, a document to support school attendance/enrollment.
● Medical Release Form
● All-Star Fee: ~$150 (Helps to cover uniforms, field, and tournament fees)
● Parent Volunteer hours for Section 5 Tournament, hosted by ULL, July 13-19th, 2023

What Parents Need to Know About All-Stars

From Little League International

The Little League® International Tournament is a unique time of the season, a fresh beginning in some respect, with new teams forming and the opportunity to create even more memories. While Tournament rules often mirror those in the regular season, there are some key differences parents need to be aware of. Here’s a look at some Little League Tournament Play rules and regulations:

The Basics

The Little League International Tournament is the most widely known youth sports tournament in the world. There are six levels of tournament play in Little League Baseball® and five within Little League Softball®, with opportunities for players ages 8 to 16. The tournaments start at the District level, and teams must win their way to advance through the International Tournament. The 8- to 10-Year-Old and 9- to 11-Year-Old Tournaments culminate at the State Level, while the Little League, Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball, Junior League, and Senior League divisions all conclude at a World Series Tournament. Leagues pay a one-time fee to enter each team into the Little League International Tournament, with 100 percent of that fee returning to local Little League teams that advance through the International Tournament to help offset costs.

Player Eligibility

Players are eligible for Tournament Play provided they meet the criteria established by Little League’s “Residency and School Attendance Player Eligibility Requirement.” In all divisions (except Senior Division), any eligible player who has participated in eight (8) regular season games by the start of Tournament Play in their respective district is eligible to play. There is no “regular-season games-played” requirement for Senior Division-eligible players to participate in the Little League International Baseball or Softball Senior Division Tournaments. In the other teenage divisions, local leagues have the flexibility to structure their regular season teams to ensure the best experience for their players, while still forming tournament teams in the same or different divisions, as long those teams are comprised of players who meet all residency/school, age, and participation eligibility requirements.

Due to illness or injury, the local league Board of Directors may waive the minimum participation requirement for players to participate in the Little League regular season.

Selecting a Tournament Team

The method of selecting a Tournament Team is to be determined by the local league Board of Directors. While methods vary, Little League recommends multiple groups within a local league participate in a fair selection. These groups may include players, league officers, team managers, team coaches, and volunteer umpires. Little League believes players should have a say in who makes a Tournament Team. It is the organization’s experience that players are often objective in the selection process, have an intuitive respect for fellow players, and appreciate the opportunity for their opinions to be heard.

Number of Players and Coaches on a Team

For most divisions, Tournament teams include a maximum of fourteen (14) players, one manager, and two coaches. For the Senior League division, teams include a maximum of sixteen (16) players, one manager, and two coaches.

Mandatory Play

In Tournament Rule 9, all Tournament Teams must adopt a policy of a continuous batting order that will include all players on the team affidavit present at the start of the game, to appear in the batting order. Each player is required to bat in his/her respective spot in the batting order. A player may be entered and/or re-entered defensively in the game at any time. Managers are solely responsible for ensuring that all players fulfill the requirements of playing participation. There are no mandatory play requirements at the Senior League levels.

It’s important for parents to be reminded that participating in Tournament Play is a choice, and that while it is a privilege to play, it is also a commitment with added practices and games. If you realize that your son or daughter has several conflicts, it may be a wise decision not to submit your child/children for tournament selection consideration, and allow another Little Leaguer® to have the opportunity to share in the experience. For those parents who decide to skip Tournament Play or those who have a Little Leaguer who did not make All-Stars, there is plenty of other opportunities to play in the summer through Little League’s Special Game Program.

For even more information on the Little League International Tournament, visit This is a resource for local league administrators, but has vast amounts of information to help all parents and volunteers during the Tournament Season.

All-Star Team Selection

  1. Per the recommendations of Little League, players will vote for the first 6 players of each All-star team. Prior to the end of the season, the Player Agent and Division Rep will bring a list of eligible players in a specific age group to each team in that division. Top 6 vote getters will be on the All-Star Team.

    1. Majors and AAA players will vote for the 8/9, 10, 11, and 12 year old teams in their respective Division.

    2.  The managers of each team in Majors and AAA will then vote for the remaining 6 players plus 2 alternates by secret ballot.

    3. Prior to voting, each manager will have an opportunity to nominate players from his or any team, and present justification for their selection including statistics, leadership, intangibles, etc.

    4.  No voting totals will be shared with any membership, results to be recorded and stored by the Player Agent until league tournament play is over. All player selection is subject to final Board approval.

  2. Players will be ranked individually by managers, then shared. Consensus by all managers will be reached for the remaining 6 players and alternates.

  3.  All 10, 11 and 12 year old players who end the season in the Major Division and have played 8 regular season games are eligible for the 10/11 or 11/12 teams.

  4.  All 8, 9 and 10 year old players who end the season in the AAA Division and have played 8 regular season games are eligible for the 8/9 or 9/10 teams.

  5.  The manager and coaches, and all of the players must be available for practice and games from the end of the regular season through the end of tournament play.

  6.  The names of the members of the tournament team will be released and posted by the Player Agent and not earlier than prescribed by Little League and District Rules and Regulations. Managers and coaches are not to disclose the names of the members of the team in advance of the prescribed date and, under no circumstances, may any type of practice be held before the names of the team members are posted. The Board has the authority to remove any player for cause.

  7.  The 8/9 team will be made up of only 9 year olds unless there are not enough eligible 9 year olds to field a team, at which point the selection process will be open to 8 year olds.

  8.  The 9/10 team will be made up of only 10 year olds unless there are not enough eligible 10 year olds to field a team, at which point the selection process will be open to 9 year olds.

  9.  The 10/11 team will be made up of only 11 year olds unless there are not enough eligible 11 year olds to field a team, at which point the selection process will be open to 10 year olds.

All-Star Team Manager Selection

  1. Prerequisites - All candidates for manager or coach of record for an All-star team must meet the following requirements:

    1. Successful background check.

    2. No past or pending suspensions or expulsions.

    3. Not the current District Administrator or District Staff member.

    4. For Juniors: must have managed or coached a team in the Juniors division during the regular season.

    5. For Little League (11/12) All-stars: must have managed or coached a team in the Majors division during the regular season.

    6. For 8/9, 9/10 and 10/11 All-stars: must have managed or coached a team in the Majors or Minors (A, AA, AAA) division during the regular season.

  2. Selection criteria - The following are criteria that may be considered by the committee in evaluating, or recruiting (if necessary) candidates for nomination:

    1. Coaching skill (acumen, ability to lead and motivate players)

    2. Managing/coaching experience

    3. Parent and/or player feedback

    4. Professionalism and sportsmanship

    5. Ability to honor league objectives over personal goals or biases

    6. Commitment to league, including service and support

  3. Selection process

    1. Early May - President sends notice to all managers and coaches soliciting applications/nominations for All-star coach.

    2. Special Board meeting – Board of Directors meet to discuss candidates and select nominees for manager and coach in each All-star category.

    3. Special Board meeting (late May/early June):  Nominees submitted to Board for approval. There should be 1-2 alternates in the case of a selected manager's child not making the All-star team and/or he or she declines the position.

    4. Days following Special Board meeting: President informs managers of their selection and debriefs them on upcoming timeline, procedures and requirements.

  4. The tournament manager has the discretion to choose his assistant coaches, subject to Board approval.

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