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Union Little League (CA)

Volunteer Requirements

ULL is an all-volunteer league.  Apart from the youth umpiring program and outside vendors, no one is paid for their efforts in making sure the Union Little League is successful.  Of course, parents are central to these efforts.

In addition to the Registration Fees, on a per-child basis, each family is responsible for:

1 player: 8 hours of volunteer time 
2 players: 12 hours of volunteer time
3 or more players: 16 hours of volunteer time

Buyout for 2024:

We realize that not all families are able to meet the above volunteer commitments.  Therefore, during on-line registration, you may elect to “buy-out” this obligation with a $300 per child contribution to the League.   For those who do not select the buyout option,  please bring a check to the League's Player Verification Night, Tuesday, December 12, 2023 in the amount applicable to your family listed below.  This check will be held by the league's Volunteer Coordinator, and will NOT be cashed if parents fulfill the volunteer requirements for the season. Once volunteer hours are fulfilled, the check will be returned or destroyed.  

Buyout for 1 Child: $300
Buyout for 2 Children: $400
Buyout for 3 or more children: $500

Volunteer Hours Tracking: We will be using to track volunteer hours. In January, once team rosters are finalized, you will be emailed a link to create or update your family profile. Your hours will reflect how many children you have in the league and if you have a team role. We ask ONE member of the family activate the account for the volunteer tracking.  Please contact us if you need to merge accounts. 

The league Volunteer Coordinator (in conjunction with the Snack Shack Coordinator, Chief Umpire, Facilities Director and Team Coordinators) will be responsible for tracking participation of each league family. 

Ways to Fulfill Your Volunteer Requirement:
Volunteer for a Team Staff Position, listed below. 
Team Coordinator, Scorekeeper, or Coach cover the volunteer requirements for ONE child. 
If you have multiple children in the league, you will be asked for additional hours OR an additional role. Each Staff Positions covers 8 hours of volunteer time. Please note, time on the baseball field will likely result in more than 8 hours given for a staff position.  That does NOT decrease the need for volunteers around the league and facilities nor will it cover your need to give additional time. Please contact the volunteer coordinators for more information or alternative ways to help. 

Staff Positions by TEAM Level:

ALL Teams have 5 Staff Positions available

Tball: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Coach, Team Coordinator: 5 total
A: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator: 5 total
AA: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator: 5 total
AAA: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator: 5 total
Majors: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator: 5 total
Juniors: Manager*, Coach, Coach, Score Keeper, Team Coordinator: 5 total

Serving as a TEAM MANAGER will cover all of your volunteering hours, regardless of the number of children you have in the league. You are asked to work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure the league’s expectations are clear and your families are participating. You or your family may be asked to help when league volunteers (your players’ families) leave vacancies. It is in your best interest to engage your team to fulfill their hours. 

The Scorekeeper and the Team Coordinator roles may be shared by up to TWO individuals. If the job is shared, each party will be asked to volunteer for half of their required hours, likely 4. 

T-Ball teams may have a 3rd coach in place of a Score Keeper. However, all teams will be asked to keep “score” in Gamechanger to learn how to use the app, including T-Ball.  If T-ball opts for a 3rd coach, the Score Keeper will NOT be counted as a Staff Position and many people are encouraged to try and learn the Gamechanger App.

JUNIORS: Volunteering Shifts will look a little different for your season.  Field work days for the Juniors teams will be available to JUNIORS families with priority. Family Fun Day/ Picture Day shifts will be available. There is talk of having some cooler refreshments and snacks available for games. This would need to be spearheaded by a Juniors parent. All players' families must participate in some form of volunteering. Ideas are welcome.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

In addition to the Snack Shack shift(s), here are some additional opportunities to meet the volunteer requirements:

- Verification Night Help - welcome families at Verification Night (Sign Up HERE for to help with the 2024 Verification Night)
- Evaluation Day Volunteer – working a half day shift during evaluations
- Special Fields & Facilities Days – working a shift at one of the special field clean up days
- Special League Events  - work a shift at special league events (eg: Family Fun Day, Sectional, Divisional, or State Tournaments).
- Umpire  - Working a minimum of three games as Umpire can fulfill the entire volunteer requirement.  Must attend the District 12 adult umpire clinic (date in February TBD) to qualify to umpire league games.  


After the season schedule has been finalized, parents will have an opportunity to sign up for shifts at the Snack Shack, to help out with field maintenance and improvement projects,  to work games as an umpire, or to help out with  special events such as Opening Day,  Family Fun Day, the Hit-a-Thon, and more.   The Volunteer Coordinator and the Team Coordinators will communicate these  opportunities primarily through email.   Signups will be organized through our volunteer tracking site: 

FINALLY, if parents would like to submit a proposal for fulfilling volunteer requirements in another way, such as a special project, we'd love it!  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

Teams with 100%  parent volunteer participation will be rewarded with SPECIAL snack shack benefits!

Background checks:

Before serving, each volunteer is required to be fingerprinted via LiveScan, as well as pass a Federal background check through the DOJ that contains: Social Security ID search, National Criminal Search Plus Developed Names, Sex Offender, Safe Sport Exclusion List, and Little League Exclusion List. More information is available from JDP at (855) 799-8753, or [email protected].


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