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Field & Complex Improvements

Union Little League is dedicated to making the ULL fields a place where kids want to come & play!

Over the last few years, your Sponsorship's, Donations & Volunteer time have helped make improvements & upgrades around the baseball complex possible.

Here is a list of the many projects that have been done:

  • Snack Shack - We gutted and remodeled the entire Snack Shack!  New walls, new paint, new appliances, new cabinets, new everything!  Just in time for the spring season and for the kiddos to enjoy!
  • Rebuilt Pitching Mounds & Home Plate areas - We rebuilt the Majors & AAA pitching mounds, along with the batters box area and catchers area on both fields.  We dug out the ground, then added fresh dirt, then use reinforced clay bricks, followed by more dirt to help level out the holes and provide more stability on the field.
  • Trees added - We added 10 new trees to the complex that later will bring additional shade and ambiance to our complex.  In addition, we had a professional Arborist team come in and inspect the older trees, trim them and make them safe from winds and weather.
  • Banners & Flags - The newest Sponsor Flags have been added to the fencing around the AAA outfield.  And even more exciting, new Banner Poles were added behind the AAA field, that displays each division in District 12.  This brings a professional sporty look to our complex and brings unity within the District.
  • New Majors Bullpen Area - We added new fencing along the Bullpen areas on each side of the Majors field.  With easy access to the field for game use.
  • Complex Maintenance -  Maintenance of all types has been done to the entire complex.  From landscaping, to repairs, to new netting & shade covers, to general clean-up.  We have worked hard to improve the complex in every way!
  • New Training Center with Pitching Bullpens & Hitting Area (see pics below) - We removed the old dirt bullpens, and added state of the art pitching bullpens with new lined mats at both the catcher & pitcher spots, with each catching area enclosed separately by shiny new metal fencing.  The batting area is entirely new.  And it comes with 3 separate hitting areas, each with lined mats and a netted backstop.
  • New Fencing - The AAA, AA & Single A/T-Ball fields are now all enclosed by shiny new metal fencing, with yellow safety trim & black fabric.  It adds safety to the fans, and brings with it a more professional looking field.  And for the kids, the challenge of hitting one over!
  • New Sheds - We added storage sheds for equipment at the Single A & AA fields, and two near the Majors Field/Training Center.
  • Intercom system - We added an intercom system for the AAA & Majors fields.  So the kids can hear the names announced during prime games!
  • Shade Structure - At the AA field, we added shade coverage to both bleachers to help the fans stay cool !
  • Infield Irrigation System - We added an infield irrigation system to the Majors to help in maintaining the field.
  • Credit Card Processor - We added an Apple Credit Card processor at the Snack Shack to make it easier for customers.

Thank you to everyone for allowing us to make these improvements & upgrades! 

And a HUUUGE shout out & Thank You to Derek Beaudoin for heading up these projects, and the members of the ULL Board as well. It is much appreciated!

- Union Little League 

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