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Why do we need fundraising?

Operating a successful Little League program requires numerous volunteers and community partners.  Each season we have countless volunteers devoting their time and energy to help make our league run as smoothly as possible.  In addition to our volunteers, the league requires community financial support.  Player registrations only account for a small portion of league expenses.  All sponsorships/donations help Union Little League:

·         Maintain affordable registration fees for all players

·         Purchase quality equipment for the safety and experience of our players

·         Support the operational costs of our league such as insurance, umpire training, coaches training, etc.

·         Long overdue Capital improvements, including:

o   Single A Field fencing and infield improvements

o   Double AA Field shade for the bleachers

o   Infield irrigation system for AAA and Majors Fields

o   P/A systems for AAA and Majors Fields

o   Chalker’s, field drags and rakes

o   Tarps for pitching mounds and batters boxes

o   Pitching machines for the batting cages

o   Field maintenance cart


What is our goal?

In order to accomplish all of the items listed above, we have set a fundraising goal of $45,000 for the 2018 season. 


How will we reach the target?

To hit our $45,000 target, we have a number of different fundraising activities that we’ll be focusing on this season. 

·         Home Run Cards - $15,000

·         Hit-a-thon Campaign - $25,000

·         Outfield Banners - $5,000


How can you help?

Each of the items listed above will require a lot of league involvement for them to be a success.  The following are ways you can help us reach our goal:

·         Opening Day:  The biggest area that we will need help with here is gathering donations for our raffle baskets.  The Opening Day Coordinator will put together a list of raffle basket themes.  This list will be passed to the rest of the league and donation drop off days will be scheduled.  Obviously the more items we can get donated the more successful this event will be!

·         Home Run Cards:  These are wallet cards that we are asking the player to sell to the community for $10/card.  The cards will contain a list of businesses that will offer various discounts for all of 2018 (example below). 

Each player will be given 5 cards (they will be handed out to Team Parents during at the start of the season).  The players will have approximately 2 months to sell as many of their cards as possible.  The players will be asked to bring either the money they raised for selling the cards or the unsold cards to Family Fun Day.  Note that no player is under any obligation to sell these cards!

Any team that has each player sell all 5 of their cards will be rewarded with a pizza party!  In addition, players can earn additional prizes for selling extra cards.  10 cards gets them an MLB hat, 20 cards gets them a hat and batting gloves, and 30 cards get them a hat, batting gloves, and a baseball bag!

·         Hit-a-thon Campaign:  Although this is called our “Hit-a-Thon” fundraiser, the donations collected are not linked to the distance each player hits a ball during our Hit-a-thon.  In the past the majority of our players have only collected flat donations (not “per foot” donations).  Because of this, we’ve decided to simplify the donation process this year and only accept flat dollar amount donations (i.e. $10, $25, etc.).  We are keeping the “Hit-a-Thon” name though because the prizes for our top fundraisers will be awarded during our Hit-a-Thon at Family Fun Day (April 22nd).  And new this year - this fundraising campaign is 100% online and will be run thru (see attached flyer for more info).  Each player will receive an email with a link to their own donation page in the coming days.  You will log onto your donation page and from there you’ll be able to send out donation requests to your friends and family.  All donations will be collected via credit card which should simplify the collection process for everyone. 

·         Outfield Banners:  These banners are synonymous with little league baseball!  Our goal is to completely fill both the AAA and Majors Fields outfield fences.  The banners are all 3 ft x 5 ft and they will be hung for both the Spring and Fall Seasons.  And of all of our fundraisers, this might be the least effort on your part.  You just need to put us in contact with a business willing to buy a banner ($350 / banner) and we will take care of the rest.  And the best part – if you sell a banner than you are exempt from needing to meet your volunteer requirements (1 banner / kid registered)!


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