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Field Setup

All fields have an equipment shed and share the same lock combination across all sheds.

Per the ULL Ground Rules, the "Home" team is responsible for field setup for all league and interlock home games. They are also responsible for opening the restrooms for the day.

  1. The pitcher's mound tarp should be folded like a burrito and removed from the field to ensure water does not get dumped onto the mound. Further details can be found in this document.
  2. The home plate tarp should have its ends folded in and then rolled up using the PVC pipe. The document shows this procedure.
  3. Field should be wetted using built in dirt sprinklers (Majors) and hose for all fields. For the Majors field, home plate area and pitchers mound will retain moisture, so some water may be required.
  4. The field rake should be used to level out any low areas in the field and to scratch up the compacted clay dirt. This will provide a thin layer of loose clay on top of the compacted clay. This is the best tool for the running lanes.
  5. The field drag can then be used to drag the field and loosen up all the field material. A smaller broom handle drag is used on the running lanes on the Majors field.
  6. The batter's box and foul lines can be chalked. There is a reel of string and an eye hook in the backstop of each field. The carabiner clip on the string can be clipped onto the eye hook and stretched down the first base line. The string should be placed 7" away from the center of the first base post in the ground. When pulled tight, it should pass along the edge of home plate to the grass 7" from the base post.
  7. The chalk line should be a 2.5" wide chalk line placed to the infield side of the string. The outside of the string is foul territory and the entire chalked line if air territory. The line will start discontinuously from the batter's box area and go to the grass. When the base is placed on the filed, the outside top edge of the base will line up with the outside of the foul line.
  8. The same procedure is repeated for third base foul line.
  9. A batter's box aluminum framed template is located in each shed. This template is unfolded and placed on the ground. There is a "T" sticking out from the frame which lines up with the short section of home plate. An arrow on the from points towards the pitcher's mound. The frame should be placed on the ground with the "T" next to the plate and frame aligned to the field. Pressing down on the frame or walking along the top of it will leaven an imprint in the dirt. Pick the frame up and repeat on the other side of the plate. The chalking machine then chalks the line to the inside of the rectangle pattern imprint. The outside of the chalk should line up to the outer most imprint in the dirt.

Field Teardown
For ULL league games, the "Away" team is responsible for the tear down and clean up of the field. The closing of the restroom and locking of the shed and ULL facility is the responsibility of the "Away" Majors Manager or "Home" ULL Majors team if an interlock game. They must also ensure the snack shack is locked and all volunteers and helpers in the snack shack have safely exited the facility. They can then lock the facility and ensure no one is left behind in or outside the facility.

  1. The bases should be removed and placed back into the shed on the corresponding field using the base cart
  2. The hose should be used to wet down the entire field, especially the mound and home plate area.
  3. The field rake should be used to level the field, fill in low area, and rake the dirt evenly
  4. The field drag should be used in circular patterns to even out the field material. Care should be taken to not drag dirt into the grass or always to one base or grass area. Pick the drag up in the dirt area away from the grass areas.
  5. The hose should be used to squirt the dirt out of the grass and back into the dirt along all grass edges. This prevents a dangerous lip from being formed
  6. The mound should have the field rake level in areas and spread a thin layer of clay on the pitching area and leveled left to right.
  7. Any soft areas of dirt should be fully saturated with water if the last game of the day. Heavy watering of the clay will have it turn hard as it dries.
  8. The tarps shall be placed on the mound and home plate areas and PVC pipe placed in the shed.
  9. The shed shall be locked and all equipment placed inside
  10. A general look over the facility should ensure all rollup scorekeeper doors and sheds are closed and all equipment put away and all people have exited. 

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